ultra_fic: (Books)
ultra_fic ([personal profile] ultra_fic) wrote on May 31st, 2017 at 08:06 pm
Writer's Block is nobodies friend... or is it?
I get really frustrated when I get Writer's Block (WB), and that frustration only makes the situation worse. However, I have found that the way out of the dreaded WB is usually starting a whole new fic, and this has led me to take a stroll through my ideas folder and see what inspires me. Now the WB is on its way out the door as I have been so inspired by TWO of my previous ideas, and the weirdest part is that neither are fanfic, they're both original fics! This is really cool because as much as I love fanfic, I really want to expand on my original writing and even look and getting some of my stuff sent out to publishers to see what happens. Maybe this particular bout of WB has been a blessing in disguise :)
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