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Librarians Season 3 Reaction Post

So I got done with Librarians Season 3 this past weekend. 10 episodes really don’t take that long to binge watch, but I did try to spread them out just a little so the fun wasn’t over too fast!

I have to say, I wasn’t sure about this new season when I started and though I felt it did improve as it went on, one thing did bug me. Seasons 1 & 2 made strong hints at the Cassie/Jake ship – even people who don’t ship it have told me they’ve seen it – so how come this season the writers are pretending they’re like brother/sister all of a sudden?! Cassie asked out Jenkins?? I would’ve been less confused if she wanted Ezekiel or Flynn or even Eve to be honest. It seemed a little weird to me, and it did nothing for my poor shipper heart, but hey, the show is about more than ships!

I thought Season 3 as a whole was great. The Apep thing was interesting and has taught me something about the Egyptian lore that I didn’t know. Loved the finale and how that situation was resolved – excellent stuff :)

I cried when Charlene ‘died’, which was strange because I never cared for her much before - I think it was Flynn’s heartbreak that got to me. He had some really good character development this year, as did the whole team really.

I am glad that Cassie’s tumour has been dealt with at last, though my concern now is how she will cope with her new expanded gift – that seems a little crazy, as well as totally cool!

Jake will always be my favourite character, of course, because hey, it’s Kane, and he has come on leaps and bounds this year. Loving seeing him fight again, in a more Season 5 Lindsey style than Eliot Spencer much of the time, but it is so, so cool to see. Plus, can we mention the vampire references and the nod to Lindsey’s evil hand? Too good! lol

So, overall, I’m still a Librarians fan, and since I have been rewatching Leverage alongside the new Librarians season, I’m getting a lot of potential crossover ideas (in which Eliot and Jake are estranged brothers and/or Jake is Lindsey somehow), and don’t even get me started on the fact that Quinn (Leverage) could be Riggs’ (Lethal Weapon) twin brother as well. Possibilities are endless ;)

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