31 May 2017 @ 08:06 pm
Writer's Block is nobodies friend... or is it?  
I get really frustrated when I get Writer's Block (WB), and that frustration only makes the situation worse. However, I have found that the way out of the dreaded WB is usually starting a whole new fic, and this has led me to take a stroll through my ideas folder and see what inspires me. Now the WB is on its way out the door as I have been so inspired by TWO of my previous ideas, and the weirdest part is that neither are fanfic, they're both original fics! This is really cool because as much as I love fanfic, I really want to expand on my original writing and even look and getting some of my stuff sent out to publishers to see what happens. Maybe this particular bout of WB has been a blessing in disguise :)
08 January 2017 @ 04:45 pm
Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life - Reaction Post  
So, I have now finally seen all four parts of the Gilmore Girls revival. Wow. Where to begin? I guess at the beginning...

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23 September 2015 @ 05:52 pm
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Reaction Post  
This past weekend, I finally got the chance to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was a little apprehensive because the general feeling I got from those that had already seen it was that it had issues and a lot of my friends were not overly thrilled with some of the choices made for the new movie. Still, I wanted to see it and make up my own mind, and now I have.

My initial reaction was this - I prefer Avengers Assemble aka The Avengers. If somebody asked me right now, which of these two movies do you want to watch, I'm going to pick the first one. I'm not massively surprised by this, because I seem to prefer Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the MCU all round (with the possible exception of captain America - I do prefer Winter Soldier to The First Avenger, if I'm honest). So, let's get into the whys and wherefores...

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So those are my thoughts, long and rambley as ever, you may notice! lol All comments welcome, whether you agree with me or not :)