23 December 2015 @ 12:49 pm
Fic: The Christmas Miracle series  
Since I don't post much fic here anymore, I thought at least I would put up links to the set of 4 one-shots I have written for Christmas this year. Additionally, there are 4 previous one-shots that belong to the same series, which I began in (2010).

The Christmas Miracle Series, Part 2 (2015):

V. A Gilmore Christmas Miracle [Gilmore Girls]
VI. A Tallahassee Christmas Miracle [Once Upon A Time]
VII. A Caffrey Christmas Miracle [White Collar]
VIII. An X-Men Christmas Miracle [X-Men movieverse]

The Christmas Miracle Series, Part 1 (2010):

I. A Neptune Christmas Miracle [Veronica Mars]
II. Chuck vs the Christmas Miracle [Chuck]
III. The Christmas Miracle Job [Leverage]
IV. The Christmas Miracle Hypothesis [Big Bang Theory]

The entire series can also be found at AO3

Merry Christmas! :)
22 September 2012 @ 10:15 am
Vid: Read 'Em & Weep (Veronica Mars, LoVe)  
Warning: Please don't watch this if you're having a bad day / in a bad place / recently had a break up / are easily upset.
I assure you its a pretty well-made vid (if I'm allowed to say that! lol) but it ain't happy folks, its just not!

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