17 August 2017 @ 07:01 pm
Want a fic?  
As always, my head is full of fic ideas, but most of them are going to be long epics if they happen at all. I'd like to write some one-shots, so I'm taking requests! :)

Below are the fandoms I'm happy to write for, and the relationships that I feel I can write decently well.

Just comment and throw me a prompt if you'd like a fic, letting me know which fandom and which character(s)/relationship(s)/pairing(s) you'd like :)

Firefly - River/Jayne; Mal/Inara; Kaylee/Simon; Wash/Zoe; any friendship or family relationship amongst the crew

Gilmore Girls - Rory/Jess; Luke/Lorelai; Rory/Logan; Paris/Doyle; Paris/Jess; Rory/Finn; Lorelai/Max; Rory & Lorelai; Rory & Paris; Luke & Jess; pretty much any other friendship or family relationship

Leverage - Eliot/Parker; Nate/Sophie; Maggie/Sterling; Maggie/Quinn; Eliot & Sterling; Eliot & Parker & Hardison; Team

Once Upon A Time - Rumpel/Belle; Emma/Neal; Emma/Hook; Snow/Charming; Emma/Jefferson; Ruby/Jefferson; Snow/Charming; Regina/Robin; pretty much any friendship or family relationship

The Librarians - Jake/Cassie; Eve/Flynn; Team

Veronica Mars - Logan/Veronica; Mac/Dick; Veronica/Weevil; Mac/Weevil; almost any friendship or family relationship

White Collar - Neal/Sara; Peter/El; Neal & Mozzie

X-Men - Rogue/Logan

If there's a relationship you want that isn't listed, ask anyway, because I might be able to do it, just have an alternate in mind in case I can't. All romantic pairings are also available as friendships :)

Please note, I don't write slash or incest, and all fics will be PG-13 rating or lower.
03 May 2017 @ 07:46 pm
Librarians Season 3 Reaction Post  
So I got done with Librarians Season 3 this past weekend. 10 episodes really don’t take that long to binge watch, but I did try to spread them out just a little so the fun wasn’t over too fast!

Here Be Spoilers )

So, overall, I’m still a Librarians fan, and since I have been rewatching Leverage alongside the new Librarians season, I’m getting a lot of potential crossover ideas (in which Eliot and Jake are estranged brothers and/or Jake is Lindsey somehow), and don’t even get me started on the fact that Quinn (Leverage) could be Riggs’ (Lethal Weapon) twin brother as well. Possibilities are endless ;)
02 April 2017 @ 07:37 pm
Current Shows  
I don't know how it happened, but my latest TV show obsessions are actually current shows! This hasn't happened to me in such a long time. Generally, I pick up a show just as it ends or after its over and watch all the boxsets, but lately I've fallen for shows that are still airing! Here's the run-down...

Timeless - I know Season 1 is over in the US and just recently in the UK too, and there's no guarantee of renewal, but technically it is a current show and OMG it's SO GOOD! Loved the concept, loved the execution, love the actors, and the shallow part of me is salivating over Wyatt Logan every week! lol I really, really hope it gets a Season 2, not least because that last episode was such a cliffhanger!

Lethal Weapon - This one just finished in the US I think, and here in the UK we just had episode 5 of 18. I wasn't sure about it, because I'm not crazy about the movies but at the same time I like them enough that I wasn't sure they should be remade. Then came Clayne Crawford and his take on Martin Riggs. I love that guy. Can't help it, just do. Need to see more.

The Librarians - Unfortunately, I don't get the channel this airs on here in the UK so I have yet to see Season 3 which aired in the US in its entirety already; however, the DVDs will be available in a couple of weeks and I'm currently rewatching Season 2 to prepare me. I came for the Kane and stayed for everything else. Such an epic show!

Gilmore Girls - Yup, I'm counting this one. When I started watching this show, it was over. Seven seasons of boxset to enjoy, and enjoy I did, and then came the revival. Now this is technically a current show again, despite the fact I really did not enjoy A Year in the Life for the most part. It had so much potential and disappointed me so much, but man, I love me those 'classic' episodes from back in the day :)

Meanwhile, I have dropped two other current shows from my watching schedule - Once Upon A Time and The Big Bang Theory. I'm sorry but these two seem to have morphed into unrecognisable caracitures of their former awesome selves, and I'm afraid I'm done.