17 January 2017 @ 07:10 pm
Agent Carter Season 2  
I have now seen Agent Carter Season 2 and oh my goodness!!!

The fact is when I started watching I was a little disappointed. Episode 1 was good but it seemed so different to what I had loved about Season 1 - new setting, some new characters - wasn't sure I liked it. Then I got into it, and I realised all the stuff I loved was really still there. Peggy and Jarvis being hilarious; Stark showing up once in a while and just being Stark; the action and mystery ramping up with each new episode; Peggy kicking butt.

I realised pretty fast that I'm much more of a Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa shipper than I previously though. I really, really wanted that to happen by the end of the season, and I was not at all disappointed by that kiss!

Comic book fans, please tell me, was Sousa the man Peggy married? Is that canon? Was I the only one wondering will they/won't they because I just don't know any better? I really hope those two are meant to be together, 'cause its kinda beautiful :)

The last scene was a shock. I wasn't sure if they knew before or after finishing the season that they were cancelled so couldn't be sure if I was to expect a cliffhanger or not. Apparently they had planned for Season 3 and it would deal with Thompson's death. Such a shame, but at least he and Peggy had made peace before the end.

All in all, I've thoroughly enjoyed Season 2 of Agent Carter and I am disappointed that there won't be anymore of it. If I'm honest though, I still think I like Season 1 a little better, even if I'm not 100% sure why! lol