23 September 2015 @ 05:52 pm
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Reaction Post  
This past weekend, I finally got the chance to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was a little apprehensive because the general feeling I got from those that had already seen it was that it had issues and a lot of my friends were not overly thrilled with some of the choices made for the new movie. Still, I wanted to see it and make up my own mind, and now I have.

My initial reaction was this - I prefer Avengers Assemble aka The Avengers. If somebody asked me right now, which of these two movies do you want to watch, I'm going to pick the first one. I'm not massively surprised by this, because I seem to prefer Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the MCU all round (with the possible exception of captain America - I do prefer Winter Soldier to The First Avenger, if I'm honest). So, let's get into the whys and wherefores...

All my ships have been blown to hell! It's not surprising in one case, but it is in another. Let's start with my ships. I got into the whole Bruce/Darcy phenomenon thanks to fanfic. I never really expected that to happen, but then I really didn't expect them to give Bruce a love interest anyway. Now we have Bruce/Nat. Huh. It's not that I don't get what they were trying to do, but I was so definite in my headcanon that I can't make this fit in my mind. If you didn't know, I also ship Clint/Nat and just assumed they were destined. Are they not together in the comic book canon? I thought I read somewhere, but there's every chance I've fallen foul of rampant fanon. It made sense to me for those to end up together, and now I find Clint has a wife and kids? Um, no. I don't get it. It doesn't work for me, sorry. If Nat couldn't have Clint, I kind of expected her to move towards Steve (Iloved the two of them teaming up in Winter Soldier) but that didn't happen either. Additionally, I could live with the lack of Jane in this movie (I never cared for her much anyway) but where was Pepper? I was very surprised not to see her at least have a small role.

Ultron - now that guy is creepy! I don't know, the whole AI thing freaks me out a little, maybe because we are developing such tech in real life and this is a vision (no pun intended) of the worst that could happen. The concept was good, Tony trying to do good and it backfiring, the thing that should protect the world actually attacking it instead. It wasn't a bad idea, I'm just not as into that concept as I was the Loki plot from Avengers Assemble. Loki was a much better character.

That said, I did enjoy seeing Paul Bettany in the flesh as Vision. I'm not sure I got the whole concept of what he was exactly, but a repeat viewing of the movie should fix that. I'm not comic book girl and I think that leaves me a little lacking when I watch these movies.
So there was another of the Infinity Stones in Loki's sceptre? I did wonder. The post-credit sequence suggested Thanos means business, but I'm guessing he won't make his move until the next actual Avengers movie, right? I'm sort of losing interest... I want to see the next Captain America, because its captain America, and I want to see the third Avengers because of the whole Thanos plot that's been building, but the other stuff that's coming? Meh. I like the characters I already know, I'm not sure I care about new ones.

On the topic of Infinity Stones, we're still missing one or two, right? I mean, there was the Tesseract (blue), the Ether (red) from Thor Dark World, a purple one in Guardians of the Galaxy, and now the yellow one from Loki's sceptre. Are we missing one or two more? I'm guessing there's a green one at least because we have to be going for a rainbow... I don't know. When Thanos gets them all, is that him being all-powerful? Destroying the galaxy? I actually have no idea! lol

One last thing from Age of Ultron - the Maximoff twins. Um, not sure what to think about them. I was just starting to like Pietro and then when he sacrificed himself, I did feel the emotion well up. Yes, I cried a little bit. He had a pretty amazing character arc within one two-hour ensemble movie, so that was cool. (This is a variation on the same character that appeared in X-Men Days of Future Past and was suggested to be Magneto's son, right?). As for Scarlet Witch - what is the power she has? Some kind of mind control? I couldn't figure out if it was coming out of her or the things on her wrists or what, and if its mind control, how was she blasting people aside like she did? Confused by that.

I guess the ending with the 'new Avengers' was cool, but quite honestly, I like the original team and don't want them to change. I think as time passes and these movies go on, I'll just give up on them because they will no longer be the same thing that I fell in love with in the beginning. Maybe that's just me.

So those are my thoughts, long and rambley as ever, you may notice! lol All comments welcome, whether you agree with me or not :)
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[identity profile] southrnbygrace.livejournal.com on September 23rd, 2015 11:55 pm (UTC)
You're so much more eloquent than me but I pretty much agree with all of it!
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ultra_fic: Oth Books[personal profile] ultra_fic on September 24th, 2015 04:30 pm (UTC)
I never object to being called eloquent. Bodes well for the writing career I plan on having ;)
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[identity profile] basched.livejournal.com on September 24th, 2015 09:22 am (UTC)
Hey lassie! Long time me no message you (Sorry! :( )

Hope you are doing okay. I have been busy with work and RL. It's not all been great, somethings have happened but I'm okay now and back to writing and doing the things I love!

So you've finally seen a Age of Ultron!! Well I agree with you about the first being the best, but there is still a lot about AoU that I love.

Yes I didn't agree with the Nat/Bruce pairing and I maintain that Nat is just working him from a different angle under Fury's orders.

I wasn't shocked about Clint having a family because in the Ultimates comics he does indeed have a wife and the films have taken that from the Ultimates. Again however my imagination has made me think that not all the kids are Clint's and Lauras and that despite Nat being 'sterile' one of the kids is hers. I mean surely they can take sample of DNA and make a wee baby? I dunno. This is the part of the film that does put me off a little.

Ultron was very cool. James Spader did a wonderful job of making him menacing. Vision was wonderful too. Though no more Jarvis! He is a part robot/alien AI powered by the Infinity mind stone. There are two more to go! There are six infinity stones and if Thanos gets all six for the gauntlet (which you see him pick up) he is going to be unstoppable! It's setting it up for the next Avengers film. He might be in the second Guardians of the Galaxy film too. I don't know.

Have you seen the deleted scenes on the DVD yet lassie? The cut scene with Thor in the Norn Cave (WHY did they cut that?!??!?) explains a lot more! Plus you get to see Chris Hemsworth all half nekkid and that's not a bad thing! (wipes drool from chin)

I loved the Bruce and Tony moments. I adored Thor and Cap's little scenes together, how they fought together using the shield and Mjolnir. And while Thor was not in it as much as everyone else, his moments were wonderful and VERY him. They got him down to a T. And Cap was wonderful too. My two favs were fantastic which is why I do love the film.

The twins. Yes they are supposed to be Magneto's children. But in the film and because of owners rights, they couldn't mention Magneto or mutants. Which sucks. I do still like them both and I have another headcannon that Pietro isn't dead.

Wanda can alter probability and perception, telekinesis etc. I thinks. :) She's weird! ;)

I like the new line-up. I adore Sam anyways and Rhodey is just awesome. But yes, I I will be sad to see my favourites go. I want my Cap and Thor. I want my Tony Stark and Bruce... my science bros. But you couldn't ask these guys to keep doing Marvel films for the rest of their lives. Well I heard that Chris Evans wouldn't mind!

I will miss them, but I shall see how the new guys carry on. They're characters I do know from the comics so it shall be interesting. I hope you do stick with it and for both of us, I hope Marvel continue to make the MCU great!

Much love to ya! xxx
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ultra_fic: Av Captain America[personal profile] ultra_fic on September 24th, 2015 04:31 pm (UTC)
AAAAAMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs you* It has been waaaay too long!

I've been doing just fine, mate. Been busy my ownself in various ways. Hope nothing too bad has befallen you? Drop me an email with what's been going on if you want to? Glad to have you back anyway *more hugs*

As for AoU, liking your theory on Nat/Bruce! Maybe after he finds out that she's been playing him he can hook up with Darcy ;)

See, I know nothing of the comics so I had no idea there was a Barton family - big shock for Ultra! I like he idea of Clint/Nat and I'm sticking to that ship in fic.

Thanks for the extra explanation on Thanos. I am not comic book girl so I get lost sometimes! lol

There are no deleted scenes on my DVD!!! Maybe you have to have the BluRay for those? I'll check YouTube to see if anyone uploaded them later ;)

I love all the guys - Cap, Thor, Tony, Bruce - it's why I don't want no new Avengers, want my old ones for ever and ever, so there! :P

The twins are strange, especially the Scarlet Witch. I'm glad I was right about the Magneto connection. Would be much cooler if they could cross the X-Men 'verse into the MCU though. Hugh Jackman and Chris Evans in the same movie, both probably gettin' half-nekkid. Oh yes! ;)

So great to hear from you, mate. Don't go away for so long again please!!!
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[identity profile] basched.livejournal.com on September 26th, 2015 11:33 am (UTC)

Hey Ultra! (Big huge squidgy hugs) It has been too long...

A lot of bad things have been going on at work and it was making me not myself. I was angry a lot instead of my usually bubbly happy self. I didn't like it. But it's all resolved now! I'm me again! xxx

Imagination and fandom is awesome isn't it? You can take all the canonical bits you don't like and make it into something you do! Bruce can so find Darcy!

Yeah the Ultimates series had Clint with a wife, who was also called Laura. I like Clint/Nat too, but again to me... I can work it out!

Glad I could help with the Thanos thing. :)

You don't have the deleted scenes?!?! Oh love! *more hugs*

The best scene is the extended version of Thor when he goes to the cave with Slevig and gets into the water. It should not have been deleted (not just for his sexiness) but basically because Thor invokes the Norns (spirits of immense power and prophecy over the gods and mortals.) who possess him to take him as sacrifice in exchange ofr the information. THEY explain about the infinity stones!! Good awesome plot and half naked Thor (amazing acting on Hemsworth's part) deleted and it messes up the film. Well you know. I hope you can find it.

There is also a deleted scene with the twins, which I think is adorable too.

I do wish they could get the owners rights sorted. To see an X-Men and Avengers cross-over, would be awesome. I will miss the original line up of the Avengers, but who knows maybe they may come back every so often. Especially if they are like Chris Evans and do want to keep going.

I am sorry for being away lassie. I miss you too. xx
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ultra_fic: Av Logo[personal profile] ultra_fic on September 27th, 2015 06:51 pm (UTC)
Oh sweetie, I'm sorry work has been so rough for you. You got it all sorted now though, right? All good from you said, so that's cool :)

I much prefer fanon over canon! Most fandoms take turns I don't approve of. I'm just glad I have a knack for fanfic so I can fix all the issues! lol

Thanks for the help with the comic book stuff. Even if I look it up and read about it, I never quite grasp all the ins-and-outs. There is soooo much to comicverse canon and usually its been rebooted several times so yeah, I get lost at times. You're a great help with that :)

Have now seen those two deleted scenes you mentioned. The Thor one was pretty freaky and yet he looks sooooo hot! The Maximoff twins scene was pretty cute.

Don't feel too bad about being gone, mate. You had stuff going on, I get it. Just know that I do miss you when you're not around, but that's a compliment, that you're totally missable :)
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[identity profile] basched.livejournal.com on October 4th, 2015 04:14 pm (UTC)
Hey lassie!

Apologies again for the late reply.

Everything has been sorted at work, to a point that I'm not nearly so stressed, and I'm happier. For sure!:)

I agree that some fandoms take turns that I don't even like, but with fanfic its all grand. I can write what I like and people can read or not. The same with you yes? It's awesome.

Oh the comicverses are all over the place, even I'm not up to date with all of them. So much has happened it is nearly impossible to keep track of it all the time. I do have my Marvel Fact Files though, which is great for looking up info on characters and comic book timelines. :) I am pleased I can help!

Oh the Thor scene was very freaky and hot too! I thought Hemsworth did a very good job being possessed by the Norns, he was menacing and that was a lovely side to his acting. Plus he was half naked. :) Hee!

Thank you for understanding and I miss you too! I need to keep atop of things! :)
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