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Avengers Drabbles for [livejournal.com profile] avland
5x 100 word drabbles, written for Challenge 10 - Drabble time at [livejournal.com profile] avland - the titles are also the prompts.


She wonders if it was really necessary.

Natasha Romanov is an agent, a spy. She does what she must. It’s not always pretty, but she does it, no question. There have been few times when she questioned herself afterwards, but this time, she does.

Maybe it was the only way. Public displays of affection made most people uncomfortable, she said, and Steve agreed with her on that. Still, Nat knew that really she just wanted to seize the opportunity, to see what it was like to kiss the infamous Captain America.

One thing was for sure, he was no disappointment.


There is no throne.
Loki didn’t believe it when Stark said those words. So determined was he to rule Midgard, he truly thought any obstacle could be overcome by his regal plans. Not so.

Still, cell walls could not hold him, nor the wrath of Odin keep him from his ultimate goal. Now Loki would not settle for one throne, but all thrones.

Double-crossing Thor was far too simple in the end, and so Loki sat upon the throne of Asgard, wearing Odin’s face for now.

This was only the first of nine victories, but it was a good start.


The sky is so clear, he is sure he can see another world without Heimdall’s help. Asgard is too far and yet, Thor is almost certain that shining patch in the sky is home.

So focused is he, Thor notices not her approach until a hand touches his, fingers intertwining. He smiles, gripping on tight.

“Happy New Year,” Jane tells him, thundering sounds from beyond but a distant noise to Thor.

Another year has dawned here on the planet they call Earth, as clocks strike twelve with a flurry of bells and chimes. It is a new beginning for all.


Sometimes she wakes up screaming. Worse is when she can’t wake. The terrible cries still exist in her head, behind her eyes. The blood-shed and devastation wasn’t always at her own hand. Most of the nightmares are what was done to her rather than by her.

Nothing ever stopped the pain before, but now there is him. To think that he had been sent to kill her. Now he is the reason she sleeps better at night. In the safety of his arms with whispered words of comfort in her ear.

Natasha can bear the unbearable memories, thanks to Clint.


It was not true to say he didn’t have friends. Tony Stark was a popular guy, anybody could tell you that. Of course, popularity didn’t really mean you had a lot of people you could rely on. Maybe that was why he decided that the security system for his building should be something more than alarms.

He combined it with a hundred other things to run the entire tower, but the system needed a name, a personality. It became a him, it became a friend, though Tony hadn’t planned it.

“Shall I try Ms Potts, sir?”

Yeah, definitely a friend.
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