ultra_fic: (Oth Butterfly)
ultra_fic ([personal profile] ultra_fic) wrote on March 10th, 2015 at 05:45 pm
Parkered from theron09, because apparently everyone is doing it ;)

Give me a fandom (or more than one) and I'll tell you:

Character I'd throw off a cliff:
Character I'd fuck:
Character I'd marry:
Character I'd wrap a blanket around:
5 favorite characters:
3 OTPs:
Funniest character:
Prettiest character:
Most bad-ass character:
Character I'd like as my BFF:

My fandoms: Leverage, Once Upon A Time, Gilmore Girls, MCU, Necessary Roughness, The Big Bang Theory, Veronica Mars, White Collar, Agents of SHIELD, and I've probably missed some so feel free to ask me about any other fandoms you know I'm in!
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